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I don't want to get too long-winded here, so let me offer you the CliffsNotes version.


In 1997 I took a position as an Account Executive for a small advertising agency based in Boston. After experiencing a "tense" relationship with the owners centered around a difference in business philosophy and landing the firm's largest multi-million dollar account, I decided to make a very risky move. That move was to partner with two other industry professionals and open my own firm. Everything however, hinged on convincing my new client to take a chance on me, and serve as the proverbial foundation for my fledgling new venture. I'll be honest with you; it became the fundamental turning point in my life when they actually said... Yes.

Though the firm became quite successful, boasting clients from all over the US, I desired more. After several years at the helm, I decided to walk away from the agency and set out to build my vision of an extremely unique strategy firm. 

Over the years, we began to secure a reputation for being the company to turn to when all other traditional methods had failed. We catered to the needs of Fortune 500 companies, midsize organizations, startups who were desperately seeking to compete with the big boys, and even became the strategic outsourced arm to a few national advertising agencies. More often than not, we were called in to help them complete their RFPs in the midst of agency reviews and garnered 2% of the net for the first year if they landed the account, all without the client ever knowing we existed.

Then came 9/11, and business came to a standstill. We held on for two years, but eventually we had to call one last company meeting to let everyone know we were closing shop. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

I held on to a few clients and became a strategic marketing consultant as I am to this day. With my creative/graphic skills in tow, I now enjoy helping others navigate this ever-changing market, and do my best to share a little wisdom from my experiences along the way.

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