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Below, are a variety of social posts - 4 per frame, some designed to establish brand, others to elicit interaction. Bear in mind that each post was supported by a message, in the form of text, to compliment the intent of the graphic. To navigate the slides, click on the arrows to the right and left in each frame.


On the left are a selection of social posts - 4 per frame. To the right are a series of sliders and landing pages in various sizes, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. To navigate the slides, click on the arrows to the right and left in each frame.


Below are various site designs featuring primarily a homepage. In some instances, I show a flow of internal pages in order to illustrate my thought process carried throughout the design.

Website Design

Each design was created in concert with the collaborative contributions of the client and myself.

What people are saying

"I’m the community editor for Entrepreneur magazine and I first met Duke Getzinger on Twitter. Duke’s tweets immediately caught my attention—it was clear that Duke understood how to leverage social media to improve a brand. @EntMagazine has 27,000+ followers and I am extremely picky about who I follow. However, after reading Duke’s tweets and realizing how broadly useful they are to the entire small-business community, I decided to follow him back. Duke does not blatantly promote his business on Twitter, but he rather offers valuable advice to other entrepreneurs. Duke successfully uses Twitter to become more transparent and thus gains trust from his customers. It was because of his outstanding Twitter presence that I invited Duke to join Entrepreneur’s own 30,000+ member social networking site, Entrepreneur Connect. Duke has since become one of the top contributors on EConnect and has parlayed his business social media savvy into an appearance in a recent issue of Entrepreneur magazine."


Kara Ohngren
Online Community Editor
Entrepreneur Magazine

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