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I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm sure you have a few things to check off your "to do" list today. Let me begin by asking you an extremely simple question, and that is...

What do you base your email campaigns on?

– Day of the week?

– Time of the day?

– Seasonal?

– Job title?

– Etc...

What about weather-related timing? Geo targeting tied to Doppler baby! – What a Concept! Think about it. When an area gets slammed with snow or has had nothing but rain for days, what do people tend to do? ANSWER – Stay inside!

Research shows that conversion rates, not just browsing, are dramatically higher when outdoor conditions are less than desirable. In fact – targeting customers trapped in their homes or those trapped in their office with weather-specific copy and subject lines has proven to produce tremendous results.

Will it take some additional homework on your part? Yeah maybe, but the goal is to be effective and produce results. So, the question is – the next time that you send out a single email or perhaps a campaign, will tying it to specific geographic weather conditions be or your radar?

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